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At Regenye Lipstein LLC, we have decades of experience in serving clients involved in personal injury litigation. Our experience covers both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ counsel, and we have been successful in developing our practice to provide quality representation that has earned our clients’ trust.

If you are interested in working with a client-focused and experienced legal team that will work closely with you throughout the course of your litigation, then connect with us today to schedule a free appointment.

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We are Dedicated To Serving Our Community In Cranford And Across New Jersey

Frederic J. Regenye
Frederic J. Regenye

At Our Office, We Are Committed To
Our Clients’ Goals

Regenye Lipstein LLC was founded with the goal of providing our clients with the highest level of quality in terms of how we handle their cases, and we continue to push ourselves to new levels of excellence in the pursuit of our clients’ interests. We are deeply invested in the well-being of our clients and truly wish to see all of them recover from the injuries that they have sustained.

We are all highly skilled and professional members of the community who are dedicated to their work. In furtherance of this, we believe in keeping our clients involved in their cases so that clients have full visibility of their legal strategy and are capable of making informed decisions throughout the litigation process.

We Are Experienced In Handling
Uninsured Motorist Claims

Some of the hardest injuries to bear are those that were inflicted on individuals by unknown persons. For some, they have been involved in accidents where the at-fault parties disappeared by fleeing the scenes of the incidents. Or, in other cases, clients may have been injured by people who did not have their legally required insurance. In cases, these are treated as uninsured motorist claims, and we have been involved in this type of litigation for decades.

When you have an uninsured motorist case, you are dealing with your insurance in order to get coverage and compensation, so it is important to resolve these claims in a manner that is expedient for you and allows you to get on the road to recovery without undue stress and burdens. With our assistance, we can help you form a strategy to get you on that path.